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Focusing on big Bass
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Posted by bassman97504
12/29/2020 11:51 PM
I’m from Oregon, but will be moving and will be less that 5 minutes from Lake Chickamauga. I’m so excited going from a small bass state to being within 5 minutes of a prime big fish lake. One thing I never got into much of was searching for those huge bass. I would always find myself going back to a shakey head or jig and catching a bunch of fish but nothing huge. I never had the patience to use these big fish lures some guys have mastered for big fish.

So, now I’ll be so close to the lake I’ll be able to go all the time and learn a lake and hopefully where the big fish live. One thing I want to do is learn how to use these bigger fish baits like swim baits, glide baits etc. I need to learn just to change my mindset and be able to go out and look for fewer bites with better reward rather than what I’m used to going out catching 25 to 50 fish but all of them were in a pound and a half at the most. So what is your recommendation on learning how to change this mindset and which baits should I focus on to start off with? Are there particular styles or types of swim baits that would be best to start with to be able to learn how to use them and then venture out from there? I could see how easy it could be grabbing some of these baits going out there for days and not having anything follow the bait just because you’re using it wrong and that would be super frustrating and ruin your motivation to even try. So I want to be able to have a good chance of learning the bait while still being able to catch fish with good success rates. Also, does it vary greatly based on which season or month you’re fishing and depending on which type of swimbait that you’re using?
Posted by 31airborne
12/30/2020 4:52 AM
from my own experience, when i am learning about a new bait or presentation i go out with only that bait/presentation and work it all day. may take me a few trips before i'll feel comfortable with it. in between trips i'll spend time looking at you-tubes. great way to get background on what to do, where to do it (the visuals help me a lot). after you've been thru a few cycles of this you'll have a pretty solid repertoire and with it, a ton of flexibility. the flexibility piece is key. it's a huge boost to confidence knowing you can catch fish on a variety of things.
Posted by Spinnerbait165
12/30/2020 8:20 AM
Welcome to Chickamauga!

First thing you should know is that the lake can be moody. It turns on and off like a light switch.

The best time to target bigger fish is winter and early spring.

You're talking about baits when you should be concerned about finding structure and learning the nuances of a river impoundment. Forget the fancy stuff and use the basics ..... worms, jigs, rats ... just basic stuff will do just fine. Chickamauga isn't Amistad or Castaic.

Get some navigation charts and topographical maps and study them. If you don't know what to look for do some serious research.

Find a good tackle store near you and become a good customer. And spend some time there listening and asking questions (politely). Most of the people around the area are willing to help.

Edited by Spinnerbait165 12/30/2020 8:25 AM
Posted by Pop-R
12/30/2020 8:52 AM
You don't have to focus on the big fish baits. You would be surprised in hearing what they have been caught on. I caught my PB on a trap. The fastest way to learn the river or a new style of fishing would be to hire a guide. It sure cuts the learning curve. This River will make you miss those big catch number days sometimes it can be stingy.
Posted by churly
12/30/2020 9:00 AM
prepare to have your heart broken on this lake. But as mentioned above, double digit bass get caught on some of the smallest crappie jigs every year. These bass are pressured and can be very weary of artificial baits.
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