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Ideas to consider regarding fish attacking lures or anything else for that matter
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9/15/2020 9:18 AM
The most common reason given is that fish strike because of the feeding instinct and that they know what they're striking. A fish's brain is pea size with no grey matter to speak of. The rest of the post reflects that.

First off, fish senses are incredible underwater. Even at night in total darkness some fish species (bass and crappie especially) can feed using the lateral line and some lures do very well because of it. As you've all seen over the years, there are a huge number of lures that resemble no prey a fish eats or attacks. So why do they attack? !

Possible reason: fish have evolved like any other predator species and are able to track and then attack prey. Somewhere in that simple fish's brain is an area programmed to know the difference between a rock and a plastic worm dropping to the bottom. The reasons bass attack a plastic worm vary widely among anglers but in any case attacks happen.

Physical lure properties of shape, action, size and color can vary widely on any day and still catch fish but not all fish can be provoked regardless the bait used. The combination of those four features - like the combination to a lock - are many that provoke a fish's aggression. Any one of those properties can be changed for fish to attack which is why matching a prey animal is unnecessary. The following are my favorite bass lures: the jig & trailers - none of which resemble even remotely any critter ever consumed by a bass:

Another example where a claw from one lure was added to a grub body that catches 4 fish species:

Most important of the four factors is lure action and profile. In the examples shown, quiver & flap as a function of shape are the actions I believe provoke fish.
1. The jig skirt expands and contracts quivering at rest tickling the lateral line, while the trailer tails flap when the jig is hopped.

2. The fat grub tail bobs up, down and sideways.

3. The claw flaps subtly.
Something in a fish's brain is programmed to evaluate the lure as a whole and then try it out for size - the size of its mouth. I nor anyone else can know for certain that a fish attacks a lure to eat it. The attack simply is what it is - an aggressive reaction to a man made object that push's its buttons.

One final note: On a daily basis I feed a school of thirty or so sunfish and four turtles bread balls I make from a slice of bread which I throw to them within five feet of where I sit. The fish and turtles swim to where I usually sit after seeing me approach the pond. Why would these animals highly value bread no matter the time of day? The turtles and/or fish at times fight each other for best position and the turtles will crawl on shore no further away than 4' beneath me to pick up a tiny piece of bread before backing away. Fish will at times steal the bread from the turtles' mouths if the turtles don't duck their heads in fast enough. Starch is not a natural food for aquatic animals but in any case
Food for thought. 

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Posted by Fshn Cpa
9/15/2020 9:50 AM
Good post. Who knows why one day a certain bait works and the next day nothing. That is one of the things that keeps us coming back. Trying to find what works that day.
9/15/2020 9:58 AM

Thanks. But ya know I have 15 folders specific to certain lure types that I can count on equally on a daily basis. This applies only to soft plastics and not other lures like spinnerbaits, surface lures or crankbaits. But within each category only specific designs work that include size and shape which affect profile and action. The curl tail and Beetle Spin works sporadically but if the curl tail is added to a flat vs round grub body it works much better. Here are the folders of best soft plastic designs:


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