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If I could have one more wish .
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Posted by kickinbass35
9/13/2020 3:47 PM
First off I want to apologise cause this is a lengthy lost but please be patient and read it all. I have always been a person that loved tournament fishing to me life began on Friday evenings hooking up the boat . Rigging everything up and picking out that right lure you think will catch the big one. Then going to bed and checking every few minutes to see how long it is before the alarm goes off . Then you get there launch and wait and watch while everyone trolls around including yourself to see what the others have tied on . Then the horn buzzes and your off and then the first hook up and you tell get the net was such a adrenaline rush to me and the only drug I ever needed in life . With that being said it all came to a screaming halt three years ago . I started getting blockages in my right leg and had 19 surgeries in six months. And the 19th one was it being amputated . No one but God and myself knows what I went through and I pray everyday that no one has to go through it . But with a little help from MLF, Bassmasters ,FLW and YouTube it helps get me through . With all that being said my point is make it about the memories and not so much the money or competition points or whatever . Because you never know when you may not get to do it again . But if I was granted one more wish it would be to have one more experience with it . Thanks guys sorry for such a long list.
Posted by Spinnerbait165
9/13/2020 7:57 PM
WOW. Sorry that you had to endure that. I myself have health problems (congestive heart failure) and I am well aware that I will not likely live what most would consider a full lifetime. I do have very fond memories of times in tournaments. But my most cherished fishing memories are the ones that were spent on Watts Bar and a few other lakes in the dark of night with a trusted and cherished friend. Those nights were spent fishing, catching, and laughing. But the best ones were those that were spent talking about LIFE ....... Things that bothered us and things that we were dealing with. Those conversations don't happen often enough.

Posted by kickinbass35
9/13/2020 8:17 PM
Amen spinnerbait . And I also suffer from that as well in fact I coded in May if last year and they revived me . And I also cherish those night trips quiet no one around just you and whoever you were fishing with and hair talking about life in general and enjoying it .
Posted by Strato-G
9/13/2020 9:39 PM
Sign up as a Marshal next time when on Chick, would do .

Posted by fischnrod
9/14/2020 6:03 AM
I'm in the same boat with the heart issue, I f you don't mind sharing who's your heart doctor
Posted by Spinnerbait165
9/14/2020 8:54 AM
fischnrod - 9/14/2020 5:03 AM

I'm in the same boat with the heart issue, I f you don't mind sharing who's your heart doctor

If you're asking me I'm not going to be any help ..... I'm in Texas.

But when I was in Chattanooga I was treated at Chattanooga Heart Institute by Dr. Bergland. My heart surgeon was Dr. Morrison.
Posted by kickinbass35
9/14/2020 9:36 AM
Dr Few Erlanger cardiology also Dr Stribling at St Thomas west in Nashville
Posted by Spinnerbait165
9/14/2020 10:47 AM
As a side note ....... My wife sees a Pulmonary specialist at Vanderbilt. I too have had some experience with Vanderbilt. If I had the choice and could get an insurance OK to transfer, I'd go to Vanderbilt over Memorial or Erlanger is an instant. Not that the Chattanooga doctors are bad, but Vanderbilt is simply better.
Posted by rippinlips2win
9/14/2020 11:02 AM
I have no issue working this out to find a tourney up there and we can go fish it...I am certain there are several of us on here that would and could make that happen.
Posted by kickinbass35
9/14/2020 11:15 AM
Oh man that would be a dream come true if I can just get in a boat I can make the rest happen . I actually live in Cleveland not all that far from grasshopper . Seems like all the fishing buddies you were supposed to have forgot about you when something like this happens . Every Saturday I sit around and just think wonder where the bite is it tournaments are today ..
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