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Sticky CFF Makeup / Maddie Hight Benefit Tournament, TBD
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Posted by Dropshot
9/10/2020 9:48 AM



Guys and Gals,

As a forum of over 14,000 members, we are blessed to be able to enjoy the resources God has provided to us.  We are also fortunate enough to be able to reach out and help those in need.  This is a quick synopsis of Maddie's condition and what she is facing (I stole this from DAVO):

"Maddie's cancer was discovered when she was 3 years old and from that time on, she's learned what pain and suffering were. She had a kidney removed and probably needed the other one removed too, but part of her tumor was on that renal artery. She had to be rushed to the emergency room often and what might be nothing more than a cold to you or me, could be life threatening to her. She had a chemotherapy PICC line in her chest. A few years ago, Maddie was ruled cancer free. She went to Ooltewah High School, got a car, and a job at Ace Hardware. It seemed like everything was starting to look semi normal.

Then, last fall, Maddie developed a cough. Through the years of chemotherapy and radiation, her airways were starting to thicken with scar tissue. This winter, Covid 19 hit and Maddie had to stay away from work, because she's high risk. School was closed, so she didn't get to have a normal graduation and her birthday was celebrated by friends driving by in cars and waving. 

She was all set to start college this month. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Maddie needed an ambulance to take her to the ER. Both of her lungs had collapsed! Chest tubes were inserted but due to radiation, her lungs were thicker so it was very difficult. She needed additional care and expertise, so she was flown to a specialist in Cincinnati.

Here's where things take another turn. Apparently, Maddie is going to need a double lung transplant. Beyond all of the other hurdles for this, it has to be proven that she's been cancer free for at least 3 years. Shouldn't be a problem, except that she's always lit up the scans showing live disease. The family is currently going through the process of trying to get on the transplant list, which is not easy.

If it's determined that she's a candidate for a transplant, she'll get on the waiting list; however, she can't leave the hospital. Her dad, Chris, said that she could be there for a year or more! 

In the mean time, Maddie has been poked and prodded and stuck and scanned relentlessly. Little things wear her out. She's in a strange place in a strange town and going through a literal nightmare. She's 18 and weighs 60 pounds, she's on heavy duty pain medicine and being shuffled around to all parts of the hospital due to complications and so on ...but earlier I said how tough she is....she started college last week, online!  

As you can imagine, between taking time off of work and traveling 350 miles each way to Cincinnati, hotel rooms, crummy food and all that goes with that, along with trying to have some normalcy for Emalyne, Maddox and Mason, things can get tough and expensive very fast."  

If we can help in any way, then we should.   

After a discussion the CFF Tournament Committee has decided to hold a benefit tournament for Maddie Hight on September 26, 2020 out of Chester Frost Park. Tournament hours will be from 7am to 1pm.  This will get us out early, and back fairly early as well.  Things to know:


1. Entry fee will be $50.  Of the $50, $25 will go directly to Maddie Hight.  The other $25 will go into the payout.   

2. This is an open tournament.  All CFF members, regardless of post counts, are eligible to attend.  The more people we get out, the more money we will raise for Maddie.

3. If you are a CFF Tournament Trail member, this tournament WILL count toward your overall number of tournaments.  If you need a tournament to qualify for the classic, this will make you eligible.

4. We also hope to have raffles for a few prizes.  With the COVID social distancing guidelines, we are working on the best way to accomplish this.  If you can donate or know a business that will donate, please contact me or a tournament committee member.  The goal is to leverage these door prizes for even more donations.  If we can get a list together, we can list ahead of time.

5. We will be observing a 3-fish limit at this tournament.  12-Spot 15-Largemouth 18-Smallmouth.

6. I would love to get a few of our local pros involved.  I know Wheeler, Morgan, Neal, Jocumsen, Powell, and Strader are busy guys (I apologize if I missed someone), but if anyone knows them personally their involvement might draw a few more people out. 

7. We will be doing our best to observe social distancing guidelines.  Will be posting more as the tournament draws closer.   


More information is to come.   We are working to put this together quickly, so any help/suggestions are appreciated.  Keep Maddie and her family in your thoughts and prayers.



Posted by Strato-G
9/14/2020 4:16 PM
Should be good, cooler all around, will encourage others to participate as well...
Posted by elwestb
9/22/2020 10:45 AM
Is this all set and ready to go?
Posted by jcodylew
9/23/2020 7:26 AM
Same day as the Harrison Bay classic, I wont be able to make it... bummer!
Posted by Dropshot
9/23/2020 4:13 PM
Postponing it until after all the classics are over.
Posted by jcodylew
9/24/2020 6:06 AM
Awesome! Keep us updated drop shot, this one goes to a good cause!
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