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Mounting Point 1 front or rear?
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   Fishing Sonar, GPS and Marine Electronics

Posted by JoeFD
1/9/2020 9:25 AM
I am building the NMEA network on my boat this weekend and looking for some advice. It is going to network elite ti units together. My current set up is a 7" (mapping) and 9" at the dash and a 12" and 9" at the bow.

I bought a point one to install. I am wondering where to put it. Most of what i am reading suggests the rear as close to the transducer as possible...But I'm leaning toward the front. Seems like if i am graphing at the wheel, i can simply mark the specific piece of structure i want to fish on the unit looking at the down or side scan, rather than trying to catch it the second it shows up on my screen.

Seems like i would want it on the front so i know exactly where that piece of structure is in relation to my casting position.

I am open to any and all suggestions as this is the first time i have networked units.

Posted by sdfd29
1/9/2020 11:43 AM
The Point 1 needs to be as close to the transducer as possible. So, the question is which transducer will be used for the unit. I would assume your side scan transducer is mounted on the transom and is the one being used to identify the objects that you are marking. In this case you want the Point 1 near the transom.

Here is the tricky part, when you use your bow unit will it be using a trolling motor transducer or the transom transducer??? The issue is if you use one to mark the spot and then use the other in placing the boat on your marker it could be the length of the boat off. The mapping will probably be using the Point 1 GPS antenna, but your trolling motor transducer will be showing you the bottom under your boat at what ever length of your boat is off of the position of the GPS marker.

This is why the newer trolling motors have their own GPS receivers being used. That allows the GPS and mapping functions to be as accurate as possible.

Will you be using the Point 1 antenna be the source for both of your units? You may be able to use the internal GPS for the bow unit (not as accurate as the Point 1) for your mapping needs??

Also, are you planning on running an ethernet cable between both units? In order to share the GPS points between two Gen3 units I had to have the ethernet cable in addition to the NEMA backbone.

Edited by sdfd29 1/9/2020 11:45 AM
Posted by JoeFD
1/9/2020 1:33 PM
Thanks for the response. I have a trandsducer on the transom for the dash units and one on the trolling motor for the front. It is more important to me to have the units on the front be able to show me exactly where the structure is.

I do also have an LCG 3000 gps module, but have not figured out if that is compatible or not as of yet and could use that as source for the front if it is.

I will be sharing the waypoints via the NMEA, the elites do not have the ethernet port that hds have unfortunately.
Posted by silvertalon
1/11/2020 3:47 PM
If you have an ethernet cable between both units (helm and Bow), and the NEMA 2000 kit (point one to the helm), mount the antenna behind your right shoulder while seated at the helm, as close to the seat corner and gunwhale as possible. When you mark a waypoint, it will mark where the antenna is located. {gps antenna's need to be at least 1-2 ft away from anything electronic}. Both sonar units will share that exact waypoint. This is why you mark a brush pile etc., by pulling the antenna up next to- or over the structure/object before marking it. If you follow the calibration instructions (after the antenna install), either sonar unit will read within 1-2 feet of your waypoint. Sometimes this depends on how many and which satellite's you are locked onto. You can also mount a second Point One ant. at the bow just below the trolling motor head (when retracted). This will enable you to mark waypoints/objects under the bow operator instead of using the side of the boat (rear ant.).. Still, both units will read the same exact spot regardless of which ant you mark with. Usually when your waypoints are way off, it's because of Satellite positioning. They are never exactly the same. I've found that most of the time, my waypoints are dead on.
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