Helix 9 Chirp Mega SI GPS Gn2
Posted by JohnnyG
8/23/2020 1:27 PM
I installed the above listed unit from my old boat to my newer boat. I reused the SI transducer and got a new puck in-hull transducer for depth readings on plane. The new puck model is XP 9 HW, not the older model I previously used. But it is listed as compatible with all Helix Chirp Gn2/Gn3 models. I installed the new puck and used the y-cable to connect it to my unit. My unit has its latest update. When I search in my unit I cannot find the puck transducer listed but I can hear it working while in my garage. So I know it’s powered. My unit only shows the SI transducer. I can’t remember if my older puck showed up in my unit or not. Is this normal? And will this new puck automatically fill in for depth readings on plane even though it doesn’t show up on my unit? Thanks.