Posted by Flipping WURMS
11/6/2019 12:07 AM
Trying to get some info on what waders y’all may recommend. I plan to fish balls deep this winter and would like to stay dry and warm. Any suggestions would be appreciated
Posted by 31airborne
11/6/2019 10:29 AM
I have a set of Cabela's Guidewear insulated waders (the chest-high version) I use for duck hunting and wade fishing. Mine have the 1600g insulation fill. This piece of gear is one of the best I've owned. Boots are solid, comfortable. I stood or sat many hours in the cold and wet and never had an issue. Not sure Cabela's markets the Guidewear brand any more but they do have similar (same?) products available under the Cabela's label.
Posted by Tight_Lines
11/7/2019 7:21 AM
I would honestly go to Sportsmans Warehouse!! i just bought my nephew the whole wading setup and i am my self love wade fishing!! ive been both to cabelas and bass pro and their selection is WAAAY behind Sportsman's!! my waders are the middle of the road Caddis one's they have. probably $160 for the waders and about the same for the boots. oh and by the way GET STOCKING FOOT WADERS AND FELT BOTTOM BOOTS!!!!!!!! Can not emphasize that enough!!! oh and i would also get breathable waders NOT neoprine, since they are NOT comfortable. ALSO SIMMS has really REALLY great waders and boots. dont get the HIGH HIGH end because they are super high $$$!!! But again you can go middle of the road and get a really nice wader and boots!! though SIMMS waders and boots will run you about $400.00 which believe it or not is not bad!
These are my choices coming from someone who has been through probably 8 or so sets of waders over the years... but if you use them alot you will have to replace them at some point....just how it works... but the brands and styles i mentioned are your best bet!!! oh yeah and GO TO SPORTSMANS WAREHOUSE!!! hope this helps!!!
Good fishing to you!