Mercury Verado issue
Posted by Cstick1
8/9/2019 11:03 AM
A friend of mine has a 24ft tritoon with a 200 Verado. It usually runs well above 40 mph but when he took it out recently it would only get to about 25 mph and the rpms only maxing at around 5500. Comes out of the hole great and doesnt miss or shake or anything. The max rpm on this motor is 5800 to 6400. It ran fine, they docked it at their slip, and when they took it out the next time it did the above mentioned. Any ideas on what would cause this? Thanks. Btw the motor is a 2014 with 148 hrs
Posted by KYRick
8/9/2019 1:22 PM
No idea, but if he can't figure it out tell him to call Romey at Hyde Automotive in Harrison. He is the guru on anything Mercury.
Posted by Bunch Parts
9/10/2019 3:48 PM
Does the boat sit in the water?