Rods for sale - SOLD
Posted by JigX1229
7/10/2018 7:39 PM
All rods are used but in great condition! JB custom rods- 7' ft Med-Hvy $80 (here is the link ) Spinning Cashion- 7'ft fast med. $60 St. Croix Legend Xtreme- 7' ft Hvy $90 Send me a PM if you have any questions. Thanks
Posted by Kickerfish
7/11/2018 9:58 AM
PM Sent
Posted by JigX1229
7/14/2018 7:07 PM
St.croix and jb sold! Cashion still available.
Posted by Kickerfish
7/15/2018 4:17 PM
Tried calling you on the Cashion. Consider it sold. Give me a call when you can at 423-991-5425

Edited by Kickerfish 7/15/2018 4:17 PM
Posted by JigX1229
7/16/2018 11:20 PM
All sold